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Since the launch of our Online store in 2018 our philosophy at Omniya24 has been to offer best branded products selected very carefully from all Middle east  to respond to the individual needs of our valued customers.

The fashions industry´s obsession with oriental Styles is very obvious.

Elegant Kimono Gowns are spotted since few years on several fashion catwalks.

We at omniya24 in cooperation with Faiza Fashion Dubai transformed the traditional eastern fashion into modern trends loved by the oriented and international market.

Our aim is to bring highly reputed brands to your doorstep for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Omniya24 has a passionate team of individuals willing to work hard to achieve best customer satisfaction.

Mission:  Omniya24 mission is dedication to give customers the most unforgettable shopping experience possible with the best possible service, selections sourced locally and internationally, highest quality to a revolutionary affordable price delivered to our customers doorstep, whenever they want to.

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